A Writing Hiatus…

Part of me really wants to get back to writing, but my head’s really not in it at the moment. I tried writing up some notes for college last night and I managed to write ten words before giving up because my head just wasn’t in it (and the painkillers were wearing off). So, I’m taking a hiatus from writing my novel or anything else fictional for a while. Blog updates might also be a bit sporadic unless I’m extremely bored (which is likely, because I’m pretty much confined to this sofa with my duvet draped over me!), mainly because if I’m not writing, there’ll be very little to write about. I’ll try and do a couple of Moom’s Views posts if I feel like it, and maybe one or two about themes and challenges in writing, but apart from that, you may end up being subjected to my random ramblings whilst I’m dosed up on heavy duty painkillers, so I apologize for that.

One topic I do want to cover is Samantha Brick’s incredible rants in the Daily Mail over the past few days. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of her by now, even if you don’t read the DM – she’s been trending on Twitter almost continuously for two days, and newspapers and news programmes have been covering it. Read up on her, I’ll be posting about her later – and be prepared for a rant!

The other reason I posted this is because I want to thank two people who are amazing. The first is my mom – I don’t know if she reads my blog, but if she does, I want her to know that I really appreciate everything she’s been doing for me, especially the sweets and chocolate and comfort she brought for me when I was in, and how she’s looked after me and got me anything I needed even though she’s not very well herself. The second person is someone who is incredibly special to me, and he’s been wonderful – coming up to visit me, bringing me home, looking after me for about two weeks now and putting up with me being boring – I think I’ve spent most of the time he’s been at my house for the past week fast asleep, which isn’t exactly fair on him but he hasn’t once complained – he’s wonderful and I love him.


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